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YNOP and PraiseLive Partner to Rebuild
Radio Gaakii 88.3FM in Ghana!
After Radio Gaakii in Ghana was destroyed by fire in April, Your Network of Praise began praying about what could be done to rebuild the station.

In June, at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Dallas, YNOP General Manager Roger Lonnquist met with Philip Asare, Vice-President of Theovision (the ministry which owns radio Gaakii), and a plan was made through which Theovision would work locally to replace the studio and office building, and YNOP would take responsibility
for providing all equipment needed to restore the station to the air.

Later that day, Roger met with David McIver, Executive Director of PraiseLive, a Christian radio ministry based in Minnesota, and an agreement was made through which YNOP and PraiseLive would share the costs 50/50.

During YNOP's Summer Challenge in July, YNOP listeners provided all of the funds needed for our half of the cost in less than one hour!

Most of the equipment is now on the ground in Ghana, and we anticipate that Radio Gaakii will be back on the air in September! Please pray for the project to continue moving forward.
Pic - McIver - Asare - Lonnquist - Crop.jpg
David McIver, Philip Asare, and Roger Lonnquist
at the NRB convention in Dallas

The Radio Gaakii Story
Stay tuned to YNOP for updates on the progress
of rebuilding Radio Gaakii!
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