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One-Time Gifts

YNOP is a listener-supported ministry...we rely on the financial gifts and prayers of listeners to enable us to do all that God is calling us to do! Your one-time gift will help us with expenses and opportunities to grow, and will make a huge difference. Click "Make A Gift" right now if you would like to join us in sharing Jesus today!

YNOP Monthly EZ Pledge

Monthly gifts are critically important to YNOP as they help us to budget and know what we have to work with each month. You can set up an automatic monthly gift through our EZ Pledge is simple to set up, saves YNOP manpower & expense, and makes it easy for you to be on our team each month! To join, call 800-442-9222.

Planned Giving

There are several ways you can provide in special ways that maximize your gift and enable you to save on personal taxes. YNOP would be happy to help you determine if one of these special ways of giving is appropriate for you. You may benefit from:

  • Gift of can transfer stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, and more to YNOP and in so doing pay no Capital Gains Taxes on the growth, and receive a generous tax deduction based on the current value of the securities.

  • IRA Required Minimum Distribution...if you are required to take an annual distribution from your IRA you may transfer funds directly from your IRA to YNOP and pay no income tax on the distribution.

  • Estate you plan your estate, you may want to consider an estate gift to YNOP. We will work with your attorney to facilitate this very special type of gift.

YNOP will be happy to discuss any of the above options with you and your financial advidsor or attorney any time. Click on the Request Info button below to provide us with your basic info and we will be in touch promptly.


Roger Lonnquist

Network General Manager


YNOP Radio

PO Box 2426

Havre, MT   59501


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