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YNOP Ambassador Audio Bible

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Sharing the Gospel via MP3!

At YNOP, we are very excited to begin production of a tool that will enable us to tell others about Jesus in parts of the world where there is no access to Christian radio.

YNOP Ambassador Audio Bibles are compact, solar-charged MP3 audio Bibles that we can load with the Bible, and other Christian content, in many different languages!

We can produce the YNOP Ambassador Audio Bible in small or large quantities, and distribute them free of charge with the help of a local partner in each country where we send them.

Our first project is distribution of YNOP Ambassador's containing the New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs, in the Maasai language.

Provide A YNOP Ambassador Audio Bible

to someone who needs to hear about Jesus for just $15


We are grateful for the incredible tools & technology that God has given us to share His message of hope and salvation across the world at this time!

The YNOP Ambassador Audio Bible units, purchased by YNOP in mass quantity, can be produced very inexpensively.

The cost of manufacturing the unit, licensing and loading Bible content in the desired language, and shipping to our local partner for distribution, is generally going to be around $15 per unit!

We are grateful that during our fall Sharathon in 2022 listeners provided enough funding to complete our first project...sending YNOP Ambassador's to the Maasai people of northern Tanzania / southern Kenya!

You can join us in funding our next project, sending God's word in the Amharic language to Ethiopia, where Christian radio is not allowed.

Would You Like to Purchase A YNOP Ambassador
to Be Sent to Someone Who is Waiting to Hear About Jesus?

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