Radio Distributions in Tanzania!
We are very grateful to be able to report to you that all 1,700 of the ImpaX Players and Go Tell radios that were sent to Africa arrived safely and cleared customs, and distribution has begun!
Thanks to the wonderful partnership of YNOP listeners and our friends at Galcom International, we were able to purchase these radios! Galcom agreed to underwrite 50% of the cost of the units, and during 2020 YNOP listeners provided the other 50% needed.
We purchased 1,000 ImpaX Player units for distribution by our staff at New Life Radio in Boma Ng'ombe. Each ImpaX Player is fixed-tuned to New Life Radio's channel, 96.7FM, contains a Swahili-language audio New Testament, and a special message from Bishop Eliudi Issangya!
Bishop Eliudi shares about the ImpaX Players after church on February 7, 2021
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We purchased 700 Go Tell radios for our partners at Radio Uhai to distribute!
Each Go Tell radio is fixed-tuned to 94.1FM, the channel of Radio Uhai. Under the direction of Dr. Deus Kanunu, the staff at Radio Uhai will be distributing their radios throughout the Tabora Region in places where they know the need to hear about Jesus by radio is high.
Please pray with us that God will move powerfully as thousands more people will now have the opportunity to hear the gospel by radio as these radios are distributed in Tanzania!