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Thanksgiving Week Outreach

for the On Eagles Wings Leadership Center

Praise the Lord that $58,400 was raised during the Thanksgiving Week Outreach broadcast!

You can MAKE A GIFT right now if you would like to help!
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The OEW Leadership Center is all about equipping Christian Native young people to be messengers of hope.  They are passionate about helping these young leaders discover how to make the greatest possible difference for Jesus with the rest of their lives.


While at the OEW Leadership Center, students are taught a wide variety of subjects rooted in five key growth targets: Biblical Worldview; Personal Growth and Healing; Equipping for Ministry; Life Skills; Building and Growing Healthy Community.


All of this is done through the learning model they have found to be very effective: learn it, do it, talk about it.  At the OEWLC, all aspects are geared to work together, from learning during class time to putting into practice what has been learned with each other, in the community, and through other ministry opportunities uniquely designed for the students.


The OEW Leadership Center is also a peaceful place that is designed for students to feel connected and to feel safe.

During the YNOP Thanksgiving Week Outreach we will be inviting you to join us in providing the financial means for Christian Native Americans to go through this amazing program!

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