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Administrative Assistant
I was born in the Philippines on October 10 of 1966. My dad was Air Force so we as a family lived in a variety of places. After my dad retired we ended up here in Montana, the birthplace of my mother. I went to school in Havre and
graduated from Havre High School. Shortly after high school I met my husband, Mark Kinna, who was attending college here in Havre.
We have been married over 30 years and have 5 children - 2 of which surprised us surprised us when they showed up in the later years so we have quite a gap in age from the first to the last. Four daughters and one son (poor boy is outnumbered). My oldest three are married and I now have 5 granddaughters, two of which are twins! They have been a joy to my husband and I! We have a full life!
I've had a variety of jobs in the past but have always ended up coming back home to raise my own kids, which I am so thankful that I did! Those 12 years of staying home with the last two kids have been very crucial to my spiritual growth. During those years I was a faithful, daily listener of YNOP! A lot of great teaching and music has been ringing through my house for years and will continue to do so!
So, it was a great surprise and privilege to have been approached to apply for a job here! I have been blessed and it's been exciting for me to see behind the scenes of YNOP and I'm thankful to all who work here and to all who support the station!
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