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Network Program Director
                  "It's not just a job, it's an adventure!"
OK, I borrowed that from an old U.S. Navy recruiting poster, but it also describes working at Your Network of Praise. Unlike the Navy, however, there's
no boot camp and more variety of hair styles.

Just like the Navy, we have folks here from all over our country, from big-city radio stations in Florida, to a missions radio station in remote Alaska. And, of course, lots of home-grown types!
I started in radio at a daytime-only station in Cheyenne, Wyoming. That meant signing off at dusk, which, in the middle of winter meant we would be off the air at 4:30pm. I was never late for supper! We eventually made it north to Billings, then Kalispell.
My wife and I have lived in Wyoming and Montana for over 30 years, raising our three kids here. We have now entered the empty-nest years and are thoroughly enjoying it...although, we always have extra beds made up and ready in case our children decide to visit!
My favorite book in the Bible is probably Job. I absolutely love the poetic way God describes His own majesty, while a mere mortal challenges Him. Maybe that's why one of my favorite songs is Caedmon's Call's "Thankful". It reminds me that I bring nothing to the table to offer God. He accepts me solely because of His mercy. It is indeed a good day to give thanks!
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