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Tech Manager
The dawn of radio in my life, or career, came in April of 1998 at the KALS studios in Kalispell. At that time I was still a long-haired rocker and gearhead working in the automotive industry. So, to this day, I'm grateful that manage-
ment took that chance on me. What a turn of events finding out that God had given me talents for music and radio!
As KALS joined forces with Your Network of Praise in 2001, I remember the feeling of excitement knowing there was a team reaching so many communities with God's word through music and teaching programs over the air. Over the years as my experience in computer support and music management grew, I started to learn more of the engineering side of YNOP. I'm excited to see what I can learn next as I currently work behind the scenes to keep YNOP running smoothly.
Oh, and I still get to be that rocker each Saturday night with Vox Rox radio...just minus the long hair!
Living my life outside radio is done with my best friend and beautiful wife, Tina. We were married in June, 2011, and have wonderful daughters, Tirzah age 8, and Kensley age 6, and a very smiley and energetic boy who's 3! I love to get outside and work in automotive, electronics, and music endeavors (which is a side business as if I wasn't busy enough). However, I love to relax in our beautiful backyard of Montana!
Random Nick facts...
  • I'm not good at organizing, but each vehicle has its specific parking spot on our property. Some neatly parked diagonally and backed in.
  • Give me a good seafood dinner, liver and onions, corned beef and cabbage, pizza, or a good old BBQ out back. And, spicy is good. I have an identity crisis when it comes to food.
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