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Thanks for stopping by the online home of Your Network of Praise, a non-denominational Christian Radio ministry which operate 60+ radio facilities in the northwestern US, two missionary radio stations in the Republic of Tanzania, and more!

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FREE DOWNLOAD - How to Enter Into God's Rest
At a time when so many are in need of encouragement, we are glad to be able to offer this FREE download of Berni Dymet's booklet How to Enter Into God's Rest! Please download your copy of this FREE booklet as our gift to you during this critically important FriendRaiser season!
FriendRaiser 2023 - Brighter Days
Thank You YNOP Listeners
for a GREAT FriendRaiser!

All of us at YNOP want to thank the many YNOP listeners who joined up during we partner together for another great year of ministry, God is getting a lot done!


​At a time when there is a huge need for hope and encouragement around the globe, God is pushing out the tent pegs at YNOP in ways we would never have imagined! Everything we're doing in 2023 fits into 3 major categories:


  • NEW STATIONS...Building KGLE-FM in Glendive, a new YNOP station at Big Timber, and doing a major
    upgrade at KNIT AM/FM in Salt Lake City

  • NEW AFFILIATES...Our two Satellite Networks in Africa are adding new affiliates continuously! We have about 35 new stations to get up and running with the satellite networks

  • NEW 2023 we will be launching, a Podcast page which will present the gospel and first-class Bible teaching in many languages! This spring we'll be distributing YNOP Ambassador Audio Bibles to the Maasai tribe in east Africa, and doing major tech upgrades at KALS in Kalispell and KMCJ
    in Miles City which will improve efficiency and save on electricity

God is at work in special ways, and YNOP needs your prayer & partnership as never before! So, thank you for partnering with us!


If you didn't have the chance to get involved during FriendRaiser you can still pledge by calling 800-442-9222 or making your gift online by clicking the link below.

Production of First 1,100
YNOP Ambassador
Audio Bibles  is Completed!

God continues to open new and unique doors to expand the reach of YNOP, and the New Life Africa Satellite Networks in order that the gospel may be heard by as many people as possible!

Production was recently completed on the first 1,100 YNOP Ambassadors!

The first 1,000 have content in the Maasai language loaded onto them...they have been shipped and are on the way to YNOP right now!

Please pray with us for God's favor as we are anxious to receive this large shipment of YNOP Ambassador Audio Bibles...please join us as we pray for safe shipping of the units, and that even now God will be preparing the hearts of those who will receive them.
Sample - First YNOP Ambassador.jpg

YNOP Ambassador MP3 Players are solar-charged and will contain the Bible and other Christian content in the local languages of the areas they are sent to around the world.

Request More Information

If you would like to learn more about the YNOP Ambassador MP3 Player outreach pleases click on the button below and let us know. We will get back to you with info and let you know how you can be involved.
New Life Africa Satellite Network and Trans World Radio (TWR)
Partner on "Worship Connection"

YNOP Launches Second Africa Network

As YNOP began operating New Life Africa Satellite Network need for a French-language network became evident. Vie Nouvelle Afrique is now on the...READ MORE

UPDATE - Radio Gaakii

Since July, we have been sharing the progress of the project to rebuild Radio Gaakii in Ghana. This station waqs destroyed by fire in April and YNOP...READ MORE

Carlene Prince CD Releases

At YNOP, we have always had a heart to share about the unique things we see God doing to reach more people with His love and hope. In 2020 our Associate... READ MORE


VOX Radio 97.5FM Liberia Powers Up!

YNOP's Africa Director, Joseph Kebbie, has completed a major project at VOX Radio 97.5FM in Liberia! A new tower new antennas, and more power! (See the pix to the right)

YNOP's Featured Video
from the Global News Alliance

God continues to work in the Ukraine...
see how one church has served over 300,000
meals with help from Samritan's Purse

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