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Thanks for stopping by the online home of Your Network of Praise, a non-denominational Christian Radio ministry which operate 60+ radio facilities in the northwestern US, two missionary radio stations in the Republic of Tanzania, one in Liberia, 2 satellite networks in Africa, and more!

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Never before in the 41 year history of YNOP has the Lord given us the opportunity to extend the reach of the YNOP ministry into so many lives, so rapidly, as in 2024!

Since the beginning of the year we have completed 4 of 11 new station projects! We are now doing everything we can to complete the remaining 7 new stations within the next several months. The timeframe has been set by the FCC...each of the licenses we have received has an FCC-mandated deadline which must be met.

That's one of the reasons this year's Summer Challenge is critically  important! We are asking every YNOP listener to pray about joining up financially so we can make YNOP's programming available to more people than ever!

We are looking forward to an awesome time of celebration during the Summer Challenge broadcast on Wednesday, July 24th! We'll be sharing testimonies from YNOP and New Life Africa listeners, providing updates on the remaining YNOP station projects, and our Africa Director, Joseph Kebbie, will be joining us to share a special announcement about the ministry of the New Life Africa Networks!

KGLE-FM - Glendive, MT - ON THE AIR!

KKWY  - Wheatland, WY - ON THE AIR!

KAVA  -  Kimball, NE -  ON THE AIR!

KXEB  -  Big Timber, MT

KKCP  -  Jordan, MT

KKBE  -  Winchester, WY


KRWY  -  Lander, WY

KDND  -  Dickinson, ND

KMAE  -  Maeser, UT

KWPA  -  Glasgow, MT

New Transmitter is needed

KALS  -  Kalispell, MT
Total replacement of antennas

New Transmitter Ordered for KXEI!

After 40+ years of continuous use, the KXEI transmitter finally ran out of steam several months ago. KXEI is currently operating on a temporary transmitter, but we have an urgent need to install a new transmitter by September so we can make sure it is in place, tested, and running properly before winter weather makes the tower site inaccessible.

We have great news! The new KXEI transmitter has been ordered and is set to be delivered in August! The new transmitter, a GatesAir FAX20 is the will equip KXEI for many years of trouble-free operation and bring greater efficiency, lower power bills, and more.

The total cost of the equipment, shipping, and installation is $85,000. Generous friends have already provided the first $11,000 but the balance is needed ASAP! Would you consider helping cover the cost of this vital piece of equipment today?

GatesAir FAX20.jpg

Somali & Amharic Now

YNOP launched the Podcast Network in August, 2023, to enable more and more people to have access to the Word of God in various African languages. Initially, we offered programs in Swahili, French, Fulani, and English.

Since its launch, people from 34 nations around the world have streamed & downloaded programs, and on March 29th we added our sixth & seventh languages... AMHARIC and SOMALI!

Please pray for our team as they are working on plans to use social media advertising to promote the ministry of, and they are also working on adding an EIGHTH LANGUAGE! As soon as arrangements can be finalized, will be providing content in the ARABIC LANGUAGE!


PRAY that God will continue to draw people to!


Dr. David Jeremiah
What to do Until Christ Returns

1)   REFUSE to neglect the local church

2)   RESPOND to life spiritually

3)   RELATE to one another in love

4)   REFRAIN from judging others

5)   RECOMMIT yourself to ministry

6)   REACH the lost

7)   REMAIN steadfast

8)   RENOUNCE sin in your life

9)   REMEMBER the Lord's table

10) RESTORE the bereaved

SLC Skyline - Nighttime - Blue.jpg

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to substantially develop
the ministry of KNIT 94.5FM & 1320AM in Salt Lake City!

The Nielsen Company recently upgraded
Salt Lake City to radio market #27
noting its 2,149,000 people

As the Salt Lake City metro area grows,
God is giving YNOP the chance to significantly upgrade the impact of KNIT!

We are now airinng 100% local programming on our station in Salt Lake City, KNIT 1320AM & 94.5FM!


KNIT is still owned & operated by YNOP, but it is now airing a format of music, announcers, and teaching programs that are separate from YNOP. As it is airing a format that is exclusively for Salt Lake City area listeners 94.5 Utah's Hope has its own website and mobile apps. You can find all the info at


Please join us in praying for the 2,149,000 people of the Salt Lake City area as the all-new "94.5 Utah's Hope" is now ON THE AIR and please prayerfully consider joining us financially as we provide this outreach to the people of the Salt Lake City metro area!


New Life Africa Satellite Network and Trans World Radio (TWR)
Partner on "Worship Connection"

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