Thanks for stopping by the online home of Your Network of Praise, a non-denominational Christian Radio ministry which operate 60+ radio facilities in the northwestern US, two missionary radio stations in the Republic of Tanzania, and more!

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The YNOP Thanksgiving Week Outreach
Was A Blessing - Thank You!

The 14th annual YNOP Thanksgiving Week Outreach was a blessed event, thanks to many listeners who partnered with YNOP to provide vital financial support to the Crower Trade School in Maji Ya Chai, Tanzania!

YNOP listeners have provided more than $45,000 to enable the school to purchase materials and equipment which are necessary to its mission, and for which no funds had been available this year.

Because of the generosity of YNOP listeners, many young people will soon have the opportunity to receive the vocational training they urgently need in order to be able to provide for themselves and their families.

All of us at YNOP deeply appreciate the partnership with listeners over the years that has led to desperately needed funding being provided to some outstanding ministries that are serving people in need, in the Name of Jesus, throughout the world!

Thank You!!!

Sewing Class
Sewing Class

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Welding Equipment
Welding Equipment

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Culinary Class Garden
Culinary Class Garden

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Sewing Class
Sewing Class

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100% of every gift given to this year's Thanksgiving Week Outreach will go to the mission of the Crower Trade School for materials, equipment, and tuition for young people, like those shown in these pictures, who desperately need the training the School can provide.

YNOP Ambassador MP3 Players  to Start Production!

YNOP's theme this year is "Let Me Tell You About My Jesus" and throughout the year God has continued to open new and unique doors to expand the reach of YNOP, and the New Life Africa Satellite Networks in order to share the gospel with an increasing number of people around the world!

During our Sharathon in September we invited listeners to join us in raising the costs to purchase and send 3,000 YNOP Ambassador MP3 Players to places around the world where access to the gospel is limited. We were so excited to see YNOP listeners provide the funds for 3,881 YNOP Ambassador MP3 Players within a matter of hours!

We were recently notified by the factory that production will begin before the end of October on the first batch of YNOP Ambassadors! Once they are completed, the first 500 will have content in the Maasai language loaded onto them and we hope to have them on the way to east Africa in early 2023!

Please pray with us for God's favor as the work goes forward to complete this first phase of the outreach of the YNOP Ambassador MP3 Players, and that even now God will be preparing the hearts of those who will receive them.
Sample - First YNOP Ambassador.jpg

YNOP Ambassador MP3 Players are solar-charged and will contain the Bible and other Christian content in the local languages of the areas they are sent to around the world.

Request More Information

If you would like to learn more about the YNOP Ambassador MP3 Player outreach pleases click on the button below and let us know. We will get back to you with info and let you know how you can be involved.
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YNOP & Evangelism Explosion
Evangelism Training Opportunity

Your Network of Praise is excited to announce that Evangelism Explosion has offered to continue the online evangelism training course through the rest of 2022! Many people have signed up for the course, even in the past few weeks! In response, John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion has offered to continue the course for the rest of the year to enable as many YNOP listeners as possible receive the training offered!

Our 5-part online course is underway now...sign up and then complete the 5 lessons at your own pace.



YNOP Launches Second Africa Network

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UPDATE - Radio Gaakii

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Carlene Prince CD Releases

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VOX Radio 97.5FM Liberia Powers Up!

YNOP's Africa Director, Joseph Kebbie, has completed a major project at VOX Radio 97.5FM in Liberia! A new tower new antennas, and more power! (See the pix to the right)

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Modern Style Instagram Post
Modern Style Instagram Post

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YNOP's Featured Video
from the Global News Alliance

God continues to work in the Ukraine...
see how one church has served over 300,000
meals with help from Samritan's Purse

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New Life Africa Satellite Network and Trans World Radio (TWR)
Partner on "Worship Connection"