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Thanks for stopping by the online home of Your Network of Praise, a non-denominational Christian Radio ministry which operate 60+ radio facilities in the northwestern US, two missionary radio stations in the Republic of Tanzania, and more!

Summer Challenge Wrapped  Up - Thank You!
On Monday morning, July 12, YNOP wrapped up our biggest Summer Challenge ever!

There aren't words to express the deep appreciation we have for each YNOP listeners who prays or provides for YNOP throughout the year. Especially at a critical time such as this where so much has been set before ys to complete...we could never do it without the prayers and provision of YNOP listeners!

In Africa, the debut of the New Life Africa Satellite Network has given us opportunity to share the message of Christ in countries all across the African continent...far more than we ever imagined! It has also cost a great deal of money, and we praise the Lord that he has provided the funds needed as each step was completed to go forward.

During the past few months we also have been given several opportunities to begin broadcasting in new locations in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado!
Some of these opportunities were unexpected. We thank God for the support that has made it possible to go forward!

We pray that YNOP's programming will be a blessing to each person who has the opportunity to hear!
New Life Africa Satellite Network is ON THE AIR!
(Click on their picture to watch a greeting video from each staff member)
Joseph - close up.jpg
Joseph Kebbie
Jackline Raphael - Headshot.jpg
Jackline Raphael
Justus - Headshot.jpg
Justus Owaka
Talia - Headshot.png
Talia Taule
Yohana - Headshot.jpg
Yohana Dionis
New Life Africa Satellite Network and Trans World Radio (TWR)
Partner on "Worship Connection"
Vox Radio Logo.jpg

YNOP Begins Partnering
With Vox Radio 97.5FM in Liberia!

Beginning June 1, YNOP is partnering with the founders of Vox Radio in Liberia to operate this important radio outreach in West Africa!

The station was founded by Joseph Kebbie and his wife to spread the gospel in Liberia, and especially to reach young people with Christ's message of hope and salvation. After Joseph joined YNOP as its Africa Director early in 2021, it became clear that
the ministry of Vox Radio would be increased by YNOP and Vox Radio working together.

Vox Radio will air several hours per day of programming from the New Life Africa Satellite Network, as well as programming produced locally by its staff in Liberia.

Please pray that as YNOP and Vox Radio partner to reach more people in the Republic of Liberia that God will move in many ways to bring many to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ!

Global News Alliance

See the world with fresh eyes as the Global News Alliance and YNOP share news & stories of human interest from around the world...READ MORE

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New YNOP Station - Harlowton

We are very excited to be able to let you know that the FCC license for the new radio station at Harlowton, MT, has been GRANTED! We thank the Lord...READ MORE


Global Leadership Summit:  August 5-6

The Global Leadership Summit simulcast gives you the opportunity to become a better leader andcan be seen at several locations in the YNOP listening area...click here to FIND LOCAL EVENTS

Carlene Prince CD Releases

At YNOP, we have always had a heart to share about the unique things we see God doing to reach more people with His love and hope. In 2020 our Associate... READ MORE

This Week's Featured Video
from the Global News Alliance

Radio Gaakii in Ghana was destroyed by fire.
Stay tuned to YNOP as we help Radio Gaakii to rebuild this vital station!

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