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Appreciated Assets

Gifts of Appreciated Assets Benefit Individuals and Ministries

Most people who support Christian ministries do so simply because they are committed to the cause of Christ. We are fortunate in America, though, to receive personal tax benefits when we contribute to ministries and other non-profit organizations. And, special tax benefits are available to those who support ministries through gifts of appreciated assets.

Last year, a listener from Great Falls donated some stock certificates to Your Network of Praise. That unique gift was a special blessing to the station, and provided the giver with two special tax benefits. First, he was able to deduct the entire fair market value of the stock as a charitable contribution. For anyone who itemizes, that can be a significant part of reducing income taxes. Second, because he donated the stock to the station instead of cashing it out himself, he was able to avoid payment of any capital gains taxes on the appreciation of the stock (and brokerage fees as well).

In addition to tax benefits, by gifting the stock to YNOP he was able to make a helpful contribution to a Christian ministry.

The IRS allows deductions for gifts of other types of property as well. If you are interested in discussing the possibility of such a gift, please call YNOP’s Helena office at 406.949.4308.